Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Paleo Links

This blog post serves as my recommendation for further information on Paleo/Primal living, from books to podcasts to recipes there is something for everyone.  Yes I know this looks very 90's formatted right now but I want to get the info up, I'll pretty it up later. There are lots of other sources I use and I'll blog about all of them eventually but these are a great starter.

Blogs & Podcasts
  • Robb Wolf's Paleo Solution - Robb's book is what lured me to Paleo. He combines a bit of comedy along with some really geeky science and the result is a great learning experience. His website is full of blog posts and podcasts that offer a great insight into the Paleo world. Gone Paleo and are having issues? Robb routinely answers listeners questions on his podcast. Robb's book 'The Paleolithic Solution' was a great read and is a must for anybody wanting to learn the science behind the Paleo lifestyle.
  • Mark's Daily Apple - Mark Sisson is the author of 'The Primal Blueprint', which is another great Paleo book. Mark's blog contains several posts a week on Paleo/Primal topics as well as several posts where he answers question for his readers. He also offers an online store where he sells Paleo cookbooks, his own line of supplements, as well as other merchandise.
  • Chris Kresser - Chris is an acupuncturist and practitioner of integrative medicine. His blog seeks to 'see through the common myths and misdirections peddled by the media and medical establishment'. Chris has some really great posts on hypothyroidism, heart disease, childbirth, and gastroesophageal reflux disease. Like Robb, Chris has a podcast where he features guests from the Paleo community as well as answering questions from his listeners.
  • cholesterol-and-health.com - Chris Masterjohn, who has a PhD in Nutritional Sciences from UConn (Biochemical and Molecular Nutrition), writes for this blog which is dedicated to uncovering the truth about America's most demonized nutrient, cholesterol. Believe it or not but cholesterol and saturated fat are actually good for you! Rejoice!
  • Also Kurt Harris, Stephan Guyenet, Another Christ Masterjohn blog, Paul Jaminet, Art DeVany
  • Balanced Bites - In addition to a hillariously funny and informative podcast, and an exceptional blog, Diane Sanfilippo also has a number of great Paleo friendly recipes on her site.
  • Everyday Paleo - Like Diane, Sarah's site provides some excellent recipes in addition to her blog and podcast.  Sarah has also authored a great book by the same name that provides an overview of the Paleo lifestyle, tips on how to navigate Paleo with your family (including kids), as well as a a few easy to follow workout routines.
  • Food Lovers Primal Palate - Haley and Bill supply an extensive list of Paleo recipes on their website as well as their brand new 450-page cookbook. A must have book for anybody who loves to cook and follows a Paleo lifestyle
  • Paleo Comfort Foods - Julie & Charles Mayfield show us that even Southern food is no match for great Paleo chefs. The Mayfields book has some great southern staples like Sweet Potato Pie and Fried Chicken that I can personally vouch for as pretty darn tasty.
  •  Mark's Daily Apple - Mark's site also has a couple good FREE cookbooks that you can get by simply signing up for his newsletter. My personal faves are the No-Oatmeal and Paleo Pancakes!

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