Saturday, November 19, 2011

Food-Exercise Log 11-19-11

7am Breakfast
6 oz Jamaican Jerk Salmon 
Coconut Berry Smoothie (light coconut milk & frozen berries)

8am Workout
Overhead Press: 6 set / 5 reps @ 45/55/65/75/80/85 (3 min rest between each of last 4 sets, 1 for first 2)

Tabata Burpees: 20 seconds burpees, 10 seconds rest @ 8 sets
Results: 6/7/6/5/6/5/5/5 = 45

Front/Side Planks: hold as long as you can, short rest in between

10am Snack (on road with son getting groceries)
Grass fed beef jerky

Noon Lunch (in a rush so made it quick)
1 Large Banana
Nuts (Paleo Krunch)
Handful of cold chicken

5pm Supper
Grass fed ground beef, bacon, raw milk sharp cheddar** (all from RFC)
Put over a large salad of baby spinach and rapini

** not strictly Paleo, dairy is off limits first 30 days to assess dairy sensitivity.

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