Friday, December 16, 2011

One Journey Ends, Another Starts

Since September I have been going to the local Goodlife gym. Today was my last day, as on Monday I am starting my assessment week with CrossFit Fredericton. Goodlife has suited its purpose for the last few months, but I'm looking to get more out of my workouts and I think I can learn a lot from Tony, Jodi, and the rest of the coaches at CrossFit.

Nevertheless, I am proud at how far I have gotten in a few months. While these surely are not stellar numbers, here is where I ended up on my major lifts

Deadlift - 185lbs
Bench Press - 135lbs
Squat - 125lbs (at full depth - ass to the ground as they say)
Overhead Press - 100lbs

My conditioning times have improved as well but I have not duplicated them enough to bother listing times.

Looking forward to seeing where this new path takes me ....

Food-Exercise Log 12-16-11

Beef Sausage & Sauerkraut
Scrambled Eggs

8:00am Workout
Overhead Press 6 sets @ 5 reps (55/65/75/85/95/100)
Deadlift 6 sets @ 5 reps (100/120/140/160/175/185)

No conditioning today :(

Spinach Salad
Lebanese Sausage & Sauerkraut

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Food-Exercise Log 12-14-11

Sorry I've been absent lately folks, will resume regular posting again soon. Busy month as you can all imagine.

Noon Workout Yesterday
Bench Press 6 sets @ 5 reps (75/90/105/115/125/135)

1/4 Murph of:
100 single unders
25 chinups
50 pushups
75 squats

Broken into 2 rounds. Time today was 8:20. Time a couple weeks ago was 14:57. Not a bad improvement.

Noon Workout Today
Squats 6 sets @ 5 reps (70/85/95/105/115/125)

50 single unders
400 m row
30 pushups
20 squats @ 95lbs
10 thrusters @ 65lbs

Time: 6:50.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Food-Exercise Log 12-11-11

8:00am Breakfast
Coconut Smoothie

8:30am Workout
Overhead Press 6 sets @ 5 reps (55/65/75/85/95/100)

3 Rounds of (for time):
50 Single Unders
10 Pullups
10 Thrusters (55lbs)

Time: 7:54

10:00am Breakfast
Scrambled Eggs

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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Food-Exercise Log 12-9-11

6:30am Breakfast
Omelet (eggs, onion, peppers, lamb, avocado)

10:30am Workout
Deadlift 6 sets @ 5 reps (

10 minutes for as many rounds of:
6 KettleBell Swings (55lbs)
50 single unders
6 burpees

Results: 5 rounds + 6 KB Swings + 12 single unders

Noon Lunch
Sweet Potato & Apple, pan fried in coconut oil, coconut milk, & green curry paste

2:30pm Snack

5:30pm Supper
Slow-roasted pork roast
Spinach Salad (spinach, lettuce, red onion, olive oil, balsamic vinegar)

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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Food-Exercise Log 12-7-11

6:30am Breakfast
Bacon & Eggs

8:30am Workout
Bench Press 6 sets @ 5 reps (75/90/105/115/125/135)

In 12 minutes, as many round of:
50 single-unders
200m Bike (lvl 12 resistance)
15 sumo high-pulls (50lbs)
200m Bike (lvl 12 resistance)


150 single-unders (3 rounds)
30 sumo high-pulls (2 rounds)
1km Bike (5 rounds)

Noon Lunch
Gluten-free Pizza (yes, not even close to Paleo, was not my choice ;)

5:00pm Supper
6oz Wild Pacific Salmon
Spinach Salad (spinach, red onion, avocado, bacon, olive oil, balsamic vinegar)
Coconut Smoothie

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Food-Exercise Log 12-6-11

6:30am Breakfast
Egg Scramble (2 eggs, red onion, peppers, leftover grass fed beef roast)

Noon Workout
Back Squats 6 sets @ 5 reps (65/75/85/95/105/115)

8 Minutes as many rounds of
25 single-unders
15 squats

Result: 4 rounds + 15 single-unders


1:00pm Lunch
Spicy Sweet Potato bake (sweet potato, apple, coconut oil, coconut milk, extra green curry paste)
Grass-fed Ground Beef

5:00pm Supper
Curry Chicken (chicken, coconut milk, garlic, ginger, curry powder)
Steamed Broccoli & Cauliflower

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Monday, December 5, 2011

Food-Exercise Log 12-5-11

6:30am Breakfast
Scrambled Eggs
Beef Sausage
Coconut Smoothie

Paleo Stix

Noon Lunch
Salad (chicken, bacon, spinach, red onion)
Balsamic Dressing (olive oil, balsamic vinegar)

5:00pm Supper
Shepherds Pie (grass fed ground beef, sweet potato, corn*)

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Food-Exercise Log 12-4-2011

8:00 Pre-Workout Snack
1 banana

8:30am Workout
Overhead Press 6 sets @ 5 reps ()

3 Rounds of:
21 Burpees
15 Kettlebell Swings (55lbs)
9 Thrusters (65lbs)

Result: 12:53

9:30am Breakfast
Paleo Pumpkin Pancakes
Beef Sausage

5:00pm Supper
Mashed Potato
Beef Roast

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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Food-Exercise Log 12-2-11

7:00am Breakfast
Scrambled Eggs
Coconut Smoothie

10:00am Workout
Deadlift 6 set @ 5 reps (90/110/130//145/155/165)

2 rounds of:
25 single unders
13 chinups
25 pushups
38 squats
25 single unders

Result: 14:57


11:00am Lunch
Wild Boar
Sweet Potato, Apple, pan fried in coconut oil, coconut milk, green curry paste

6:00pm Supper
Sirloin Steak
Steamed Broccoli & Carrot

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Food-Exercise Log 12-3-11

8:00am Breakfast
Scrambled Eggs
Coconut Smoothie

5:00pm Supper
Ground Wild Boar
Spinach & Red Onion

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Thursday, December 1, 2011

NorCal Margarita

As some of you already know, in addition to getting geeked out on all this nutrition and fitness stuff, I am also a software developer. As much as I love developing software, I am also a big fan of getting out and being social. This was my primary motivation for joining my local user group and then subsequently becoming a co-organizer. If you are in the Fredericton area feel free to check us out at The group is not only for software developers but IT folks in general so feel free to come out and socialize a bit.

So what exactly does this have to do with the NorCal Margarita? Well we generally hit up the Garrison Ale House post-meeting to have a drink and socialize outside of the usual classroom style atmosphere. While I love my beer (and the Garrison has a huge international beer menu), beer does not always love me. So lately my drink of choice for post-meeting has been the NorCal Margarita, made famous by Robb Wolf himself.

Last night a few folks got curious enough to try it with me, and then inquired about why I chose this drink. Robb mentions the drink in his book (The Paleo Solution) but does not really go into the 'why' about it. I did remember looking it up once but the explanation escaped me at the moment.

So, for those interested here it is.

NorCal Margarita

  • 2 shots of 100% agave tequila (I prefer Patron Silver as its the only decent tequila in NB)
  • Juice & Pulp of one lime
  • Shake it all up with some ice
  • Add soda water to taste
I generally half the recipe when I'm out as two shots is one shot too many for me in a social atmosphere where I also plan to drive home in a couple hours (don't drink and drive folks!).

So WHY is this an effective drink. Here are the goods on what I could find.
  • Tequila is delicious.
  • Tequila is fermented agave juice, which makes it gluten- or and starch-free. Gluten, as nutrition geeks know, is a gut irritant and just generally bad stuff, and starches are way too dense with unnecessary carbs.
  • Lime juice blunts the insulin response of the alcohol, maintaining your precious and hard-earned insulin sensitivity.
  • The lime juice also provides a net alkaline load when it gets to the blood stream, which is a good thing. Most other foods provide a net acid load, and it’s nice to balance that out.
  • The carbon dioxide bubbles in the soda water help get the ethanol into your blood more quickly. This has the practical effect of allowing you to drink a bit less for the same effect.
So there you have it. Minimal damage, maximum gain :D