Friday, December 16, 2011

One Journey Ends, Another Starts

Since September I have been going to the local Goodlife gym. Today was my last day, as on Monday I am starting my assessment week with CrossFit Fredericton. Goodlife has suited its purpose for the last few months, but I'm looking to get more out of my workouts and I think I can learn a lot from Tony, Jodi, and the rest of the coaches at CrossFit.

Nevertheless, I am proud at how far I have gotten in a few months. While these surely are not stellar numbers, here is where I ended up on my major lifts

Deadlift - 185lbs
Bench Press - 135lbs
Squat - 125lbs (at full depth - ass to the ground as they say)
Overhead Press - 100lbs

My conditioning times have improved as well but I have not duplicated them enough to bother listing times.

Looking forward to seeing where this new path takes me ....

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