Thursday, May 3, 2012

Article Roundup for May 3, 2012

Anybody that has followed my Facebook page knows that I tend to read a lot of scientific articles, mainly on Science Daily. Since a lot of folks don't use Facebook (or haven't found my page!) I am going to start blogging the links here as well as some commentary. Feel free to chime in with your comments, discussion (even if you disagree with me!) is welcome.

Why Hemoglobin A1c is not a reliable marker - for those not familiar with A1c it is a test used to measure the amount of sugar stuck to red blood cells. The theory being that most red blood cells live for 3 months so measuring the sugar stuck to them should give you an accurate view of how much sugar is in the blood on average during that time. This is an older post from Chris Kresser but I posted it today because I think it is an important issue to know of when going Paleo, as folks with normal blood sugar tend to have red blood cells live   MUCH longer than 90 days. As a result your A1c might appear higher.

Increased Fructose Consumption May Deplete Cellular Energy in Patients With Obesity and Diabetes - SAY WHAT? Simply put fructose has to be processing directly by the liver. It also preferentially fills liver glycogen stores. Excessive glycogen is converted to palmatic acid (type of saturated fat) and excessive amounts of that at  are at the origins of fatty liver disease (non-alcoholic).

Soy-Based Formula? Neonatal Plant Estrogen Exposure Leads to Adult Infertility in Female Mice - Research was done on mouse-models but raises an interesting concern over the consumption of soy during pregnancy, and the USAGE of SOY FORMULA for infants.

Eating Fish, Chicken, Nuts May Lower Risk of Alzheimer's Disease - Make sure you preferentially consume long-chain Omega-3 (found in fish) vs. short-chain (found in stuff like hemp an chia) as short-chain has an abysmal conversion rate to DHA/EPA (which are important for brain function)

Women, Weights and Bone Density - Another good one from Jason Sieb. Ladies, not only will lifting heavy things NOT make you a she-man, but it is also a protective factor in bone density and osteoporosis prevention!

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