Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Hands Off My Eggs!

If you are a regular to Real Food Connections in Fredericton, or are a newsletter subscriber, you probably already know what they have temporarily suspended their direct-from-farm egg share program. The issue at hand is some "regulatory red tape"that has something to do with the fact that the eggs are not graded. I'm sure there is possibly more to it but I do not have full details yet.

Folks are probably vaguely familiar with egg grading (based on size) but there is probably more to it than you thought. You can read about it here but in essence it is an assurance of quality regulated by the federal gov't.

Now, I for one have thoroughly enjoyed this program since it began a few months back. I like knowing where my eggs come from and how the chickens are fed and watered. I like knowing that they aren't crammed into 1/2 sqft cages where they lay eggs onto conveyor belts. Most of all I like cracking open a farm fresh egg and seeing a nice dark orange yolk that tells me the chicken ate a nutrient rich diet appropriate for chicken (for the most part). The two farms the eggs were sourced from probably weren't a perfect "Paleo" view of what free range eggs were but they were MUCH better than what you get in the supermarket. With the loss of this program we've also lost the traceability back to the farm, which is unfortunate.

So, what do do now?

Well, for now I'm going to let Levi work his magic and hope that he finds a way to restore this really great program.

However, if it should come to it, I am prepared to stand up as a consumer and voice my opinion. We put up with far too much gov't control over our food supply "for our own good" and it is my opinion that we may need to take back some of that control. The fact that it is so HARD for me to buy fresh eggs or other products (folks who know me will know what other products I am referring to, leaving them out here for clarity's sake) from a local farmer THROUGH a great program like the one Levi offers is a complete travesty .. especially when you can buy so much high-fructose corn syrup laden, BPA packaged, processed food crap on just about any corner.

I will endeavour to keep you all informed on the situation as details come forth. However I ask that you share this post and visit the RFC Facebook page and let them know that you support them. If it comes to it, I'd appreciate your support in standing up and letting our elected officials know that we will not put up with interference with the food we choose to eat. It is our choice, and we are all big enough boys and girls to make that decision for ourselves.

 Thank You All!

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